I’ve had tons of comments on my previous post about Mysecret.tv (the cyber-confession website of Lifechurch.tv), so I thought I would follow up with what others are saying about it.

The Parish: MySecret.tv or Voyeur Driven Church (also see The Parish: A Better Analysis on Mysecret.tv

I’ve written many, many posts about what happens when marketing language enters the church. One of the inevitable results is that marketing methods also enter the church. So now we’ve got the simulacra of an ancient Christian discipline, the false promise of freedom, and an offer of sermons to draw people to Lifechurch.tv, all in a medium that accomplishes nothing for anyone.

The Parish’s post makes a great segue to this post from a site that celebrates “marketing” the church . .

ChurchCommunicationsPro.com: Internet a ‘Roadside Billboard’ With ‘Pull Over’ Benefits, says Forbes

I won’t paraphrase what this innane website says, except to say that it illustrates perfectly how wrong Mysecret.tv is.

Rae’s Space: Sensational sin

. . . Our state newspaper, the Daily Oklahoman, ran a story on this so I’m sure millions of people are flocking to the site. I just think this is irresponsible use of religion–to post “sin” online for the world to see, instead of making it a matter between a person and God.

Another issue I have are the categories of sin and what is/is not a sin. I think it’s safe to say that my understanding of sin is different than what LifeChurch would preach, but hey…..

The Ember: What’s your secret? – a rather sympathetic look at the website

Making Chutney: MySecret.tv — In search of brokenness

. . . Almost all the confessions at MySecret have a raw honesty about them—the confessors truly believe they have sinned. And some have.

But then there are the posts where the confessors seek forgiveness for simply being human. There are folks who have bought a package deal of what it means to be a good human, and when their lives don’t measure up, they count themselves failures.

I was there once.

Possibly one of the best thoughts I’ve seen about the site (you really need to read the rest of this post), and reflects my own life dead-on-the-money.

The Swingset: The Beast…Pt. II (also see Part I