I add the pictures on May 14, 2006

22 Miles rode today (22 so far this week)
Total 2006 miles to date: 356.6
Total mileage per bike: 912.8 -New Schwinn Hybrid; 2.8 (plus lots unrecorded) -Old Schwinn MTB; 8.0-Graziella Folding Bicycle

I took the #23 OKC bus from my house to Bike One (NW 23rd & Utah, near Meridian) to get my back wheel trued (and to replace 2 spokes). They couldn’t get me in until Monday, so I instead took off my back brake pads (so the wheel would at least spin) and then ate lunch at El Pollo Chullo for some of the most fabulous grilled chicken in the world.

From there I rode through Warr Acres over to my credit union branch in Bethany (on old Route 66/aka NW 39th Expressway) across from SNU. I then hung out at Harbor House for a bit (and checked email on their free wi-fi) and then starting riding Northeasterly through the pretty tree-lined neighborhoods of Bethany and Warr Acres and then back in to OKC at NW Expressway. I stopped there to visit a friend at the church he works at, and then rode north across the crazy freeway and then over the bike trails at Lake Hefner where I rode along the SE side of the lake from about Meridian to Britton Road.

I spent a little time enjoying the pretty day (except for the crazy wind) and watching the ducks that hang out by the lighthouse, and then road east on Britton into The Village where I go for a Wednesday night church program at a different friend’s church.

Then later on that night I enjoy a fast ride home, thanks to the crazy strong tailwind, through the dark streets of The Village, Nichols Hills and into midtown OKC. An absolutely wonderful day on the bike, even though I was riding without back brakes (no biggie really since most of your braking power is in the front and my bike won’t flip since I’m pretty stout and am carrying cargo along to boot)

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is that in Warr Acres I came across a sign that said “Headwaters of the Deep Fork River and Lake Eufaula.” (I took a picture of it and will talk about it later, but I thought it was kinda neat to see this little creek as being so important).

Here are the pictures I took this day (I’ve added this part later)…