Sorry to not blog more lately but I’ve been pretty preoccupied lately. One wonderful highlight of late was getting to participate in Catholic Peace Fellowship of OKC’s conference on “War – Conscience – Catholicism”. I’ll have to write more about it later, but it truly was those beautiful times when you are reminded why it is that you do what you do, and it definitely reaffirmed for me my calling as a minister and as a lawyer. In fact due to life circumstances and my own doubt in my call, I hadn’t seen my life in that kind of way for quite awhile, so the conference itself was a good thing, in rekindling that vision. (I got to see two of my favorite folks there too – Camilo Mejia and Jake.
Beyond that, I’ve been working quite a bit at my day job (as a legal assistant at my Dad’s law office), which is a good job but often very draining too.

The negative side of life lately has been just being depressed a lot. Partially it is life circumstances (most of which are things I’m not sharing except with a few friends), but mostly it is just the nature of how I see things. It’s hard to explain but that’s just the way things are (almost like what the world looks like when you’re wearing sunglasses and everything is a few shades darker than it really is).

But going back to the positive, one incredibly cool thing is that I saw a PEDICAB in Oklahoma City yesterday! He was at the OKC Festival of the Arts, and I found out from him that the cabs are now running in Bricktown (for my Austin readers, this is roughly the equivilent of Sixth Street, except they have a canal that is modelled very loosely off the River Walk in San Antonio, and most of the clubs play really crappy music.) The company I think is called Brickshaw Pedicabs. I haven’t had a chance to get more details yet, but I’m hoping to get my license ASAP and start riding for them. I so enjoyed doing that when I lived in Austin and would love to do it again in OKC (particularly since I live just a bit over 2 miles from Bricktown, and also pedi-cabing would be some great supplemental income since the big money is from 10 p.m. and later… well since it is OKC it probably is more likely 8 p.m. and later)