Update on April 18, 2006: Okiefunk.com is now back online! It looks like he is adding the old content as we speak but there’s also some new posts up too.

I’ve been worried lately that one of my regular blog reads (OkieFunk.com) had very suddenly disappeared and been replaced by a weird page by their hosting provider.

Anyway tonight thanks to Google I found out from Okiefunk’s alternate site what happened:

Why Did Micfo Damage Okie Funk?

The current technical infrastructure of my Okie Funk (http://www.okiefunk.com) blog has been severely damaged or completely ruined either deliberately or through incompetence by the Micfo Group, an Internet hosting company.

I say “deliberately” because I have not been given an adequate explanation as to why Okie Funk has been taken off the Internet and the backups deemed not recoverable. I am currently getting legal and technical advice to resolve the issue. I simply cannot get a straight answer from the Micfo people, and I have been trying for more than twenty-four hours.

I get the sense the company is experiencing major problems. Or maybe they simply do not like what I write?

I will have a new Okie Funk at the old url available soon. I do have saved files of my blogs and comments, but the time and effort to repost these blogs will be immense. Anyway, I have many people offering their help to get Okie Funk back up and running, and for that I am grateful

Meanwhile, do not use Micfo to host any of your sites.

Anyway I’m sorry to hear about what happened but am very glad to hear that Okiefunk.com is not down for the count. My regular readers know that I butt heads with Kurt quite a bit, but I do appreciate reading his blog as he does an excellent job of discussing state legislative and other local and state political news.