Well wonders never cease is all I can say about the bar exam results. I was with a friend (who brought with her some much appreciated Full Sail Pale Ale, either to celebrate with or to mourn with) when I saw the results on the website and I was surprised, and one of the first things out of my mouth (after a bunch of whooping and hollaring) is that “this must be a big mistake.” My friend replied, “well let’s not bring this to their attention!”

Anyway I am happy I passed but a bit bummed out because some of my classmates didn’t pass who worked a lot harder than I did and really deserved it a lot more. I guess this is irrational, but I feel guilty about it, but my friend also told me that instead of feeling guilty, that I should be thankful that God helped me to do better than I thought I would.

Then tonight I had dinner with my parents and 2 of my 4 brothers which was fun. I still felt pretty numb by it all but it is starting to feel more real.

Anyway though, that’s all I’ll say for now. I’m taking off driving tonight on a roadtrip this weekend. I plan to be in Austin by tomorrow in the early afternoon to see a dear friend for a few hours, hit Central Market and the Wheatsville Food Coop to buy some foo-foo food that I really can’t afford, and then head west out into the Texas hill country. I’m not sure about my exact intenary, but I hope to hit Wildseed Farms (near Fredericksburg) to see the fields of wildflowers (particularly the bluebonnets, I hear this is a bad year for them but maybe I’ll get lucky), and maybe drop by the new brewery at Real Ale Brewing Co. in Blanco to enjoy a Brewhouse Brown Ale or a Full Moon Pale Rye Ale.

Mostly though, besides a few diversions along the way I hope to enjoy some good time out in nature (I’m going to be car-camping) and hopefully spend some good time connecting with God.