Washington Post: Socialist Bachelet Wins Chilean Presidency — This is tremendous news for the poor people of our hemisphere as President Michelle Bachelet (also only the third woman Head of state in Latin American history) joins Evo Morales (of Boliva) and Hugo Chavez (of Venezuela) as Socialist Presidents (unfortunately I don’t really count Fidel Castro in the bunch. While I admire much about Castro, I don’t think he is truly committed the liberation of his people — of course I think Castro is less a tyrant than Bush is, but that still isn’t saying much).

What is interesting to me too about these Socialist leaders is how they all defy the stereotypes and norms of those societies. Chavez is the “negro y indio” (Indian and Black) president of Venezuela, Morales is the first full-blood Indian President of Bolivia, and Morales is a woman! This is incredible given the widespread racism in Latin American (no different than in the US, it just looks different… if you don’t believe me watch Mexican TV. There are very few dark skinned people on TV there, even though the general population there is a broad spectrum of colors) and the machismo-driven sexism. It definitely reminds me of the glory days of the Oklahoma Socialist Party when poor whites, blacks and indians all joined together to fight for their common liberation from the capitalist oppressors.