Miles riden today: 4.4 miles (11.6 so far this week)
Total 2006 miles: 31.6
Total mileage per bike: 587.2-New Schwinn Hybrid; 2.8 (plus lots unrecorded) -Old Schwinn MTB; 8.0-Graziella Folding Bicycle

Tonight’s ride downtown and back would have been downright boring and uneventful except for one thing… it rained a tiny bit! Woohoo! (It’s kinda crazy that I bought this really cool rain jacket/shell type of thing when I was in Portland… it rained every day I was there, but I’ve only worn it twice since I got back to Oklahoma, and both times it was only really drizzeling… oh well, I guess I’m prepared when the spring rains come) — And later on it snowed, but I was home by that point. I guess we had 1/2 an inch or so of rain the next morning.

One thing I can see right now though is I gotta start getting in some more miles on the bike. I’m not going to have a prayer of hitting my goal for the year unless I start finding more excuses to ride. (It was a lot easier when I was in school as the ride to/from OCU was a bit longer, and I tended to run a lot more errands by bike since there is so much to do in the Classen Blvd. area)