David Nunez has an interesting story about the brewing culture among the high-tech folks in Austin which I think is kinda cool. I wondered if this cultural dynamic would leave after Austin’s high-tech bust but I’m glad to hear it hasn’t. If Austin could merge its social conscience, its artistic energy, and its techno-savvy populace, it could very well be mighty close to heaven on earth… but probably not. The last time I was there it was sad to see the big box shopping culture continue its onslaught on genuine Austin culture. — For that matter, I talked to a client a few weeks ago here at the law office I work for part time here in Oklahoma. In the course of her consultation she said she used to live in Austin which I said “wow, I loved Austin!” But she said, “oh no I hated it,” and then she went on to tell me of the negative experience she had living in the suburban hell of Williamson County… and that brought back a boatload of memories of my heinous year living in Williamson County. Central Austin of course isn’t ruined yet (and neither is San Marcos thank God) but the scurge is coming too quickly.That’s why I love Oklahoma. It’s too poor to get too popular. Too many ‘burbs here too but still isn’t not as bad as Austin has become in recent years.