Here is an update on my earlier post regarding the interview that Fox 25 did with Rachel and I regarding the situation in Seminole with the Wrangler plant closing…For any of you who caught Fox 25 news last night, let me just say that story was a prime example of all that is wrong with journalism. Factual errors (i.e. I’m not a Seminole resident) are bad, but the big problem is that the real story (the tax dollars that were spent to keep Wrangler in Seminole did no good as Wrangler is leaving anyway) was turned into a nice fluff-PR piece for the city of Seminole. Certainly some good may come out of this for SOME folks and likely some new jobs will come in, but come on folks, the odds that there will be enough new jobs to replace those lost is small, and the odds that these jobs will give the workers the same sense of pride and accomplishment is even smaller (I’m sorry but it’s hard to go from manufacturing quality blue jeans to telemarketing).
I had fairly low expectations going into this but frankly Fox 25 didn’t even pull that off. The plant closing is not good news for the 600+ workers who are being laid off in November in Seminole & the 300 who are being laid off in Ada. It is also not good news for the city of Seminole. I appreciate the fact that the city leaders are trying to keep a positive face in the light of terrible looming adversity but it is frankly an insult to the soon to be laid off workers to minimize their plight.