For any Okie Greens out there…

    From the OKGreens discussion list: I set up a shop on that will items with our state Green party logo on them. There’s everything from caps, bumper stickers, mugs, messenger bags, lunches boxes, and even a GPOK teddy bear.Each item is sold for small bit above cost (between 50 cents and $2… the
    amount will be listed on the product description) with all of the net markup
    being donated to the Green Party of Oklahoma.
    If you would like to check this out go to:
    BTW, I’m sorry about the prices. I think they are a bit higher than I think
    is fair but Cafe Press I guess charges more since they print on demand
    instead of making you buy a certain quantity in advance. If there is a
    product (i.e. the bumper stickers) that folks really like, we will try to
    find a local/union print shop to make us some in quantity to sell at a much
    lower price.