This weekend

    These last few days have been blur.

    The Muskogee protest on Friday was intense. It was everything I thought a protest in “Merle Haggard” country would be and more. It was one of most intense experienes of my life, at least in a political or activist vein. (I’ll talk about it more tomorrow on the POLIblog.)

    Friday after the protest I crashed at a friend’s house in Holdenville (definitely good to just chill for once). Then Saturday we met up with another friend (both my comrades in peace from C.R.O.P. in Shawnee for the most amazing Italian food I have ever eaten, followed by a good afternoon of joyful politics (which I know sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn’t if you’re in the Oklahoma Green party. -)

    After the meeting, my CROP buddies and I started wondering about the press coverage in Muskogee. We had a very nice reporter from the Muskogee Phoenix (local daily) who came out to talk to us but the photographer who was there seemed to only take pictures when the anti-peace folks were hostile, so we weren’t sure what to expect. So anyway, we decided at a late hour to drive back to Muskogee (1-1/2 hours away) to buy a newspaper. hehehe

    As it turns out, the newspaper article was excellent and the photos did not make us look bad (only the pro-war folks who were shouting in our faces). Best of all, we made the front page!

    So, after that we drove back to Seminole and then I drove to Newcastle arriving at 1 a.m. (which is really funny since I had to preach the next morning!)

    Then after church today, I went to the OKC protest (pictures here)and then back to church for evening. What a weekend! It was good. Very much a learning experience, especially about myself. If there is anything peace activism is teaching me, it is that I can’t really advocate for peace effectively, until I am peace with myself and at peace with others. I have so much to learn.