Well L-school is back on again. (classes started back on Monday). Thus far, school has been more tolerable than it was before the break. Two things have helped my attitude tremendously.

    First, I am learning that I have to keep my eye on the goal. L-school (as intense of an experience as it is) is not the sum all be all of things, but is rather a means to an end. I do think I will enjoy the practice of law. I shouldn’t let my disillusionment over the L-school experience sour me on what I hope will be a noble profession when I graduate.

    Secondly, my sanity has been much approved since I dropped LR&W II. I hated to drop a class, but after talking to my prof she concurred that it might be a good idea to drop the class to preserve my GPA. (LR&W was my lowest grade last semester, and this semester it was looking really stinky.) Being free from the albatross of the coming Appelate Brief has helped me so much. — However, I won’t be free from law writing all together, as I will have to start cranking quick on my “note” to get on Law Review. (supposed to get the details on that today) Bleh!