The Grinch that stole the Bill of Rights…

    Here are a few examples of the latest abuses of the Bush administration . . .

  • NY Times: White House to Propose System for Wide Monitoring of Internet
  • “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.” –Henry Kissinger, former chair of the “independent” committee investigating the September 11, 2001 attacks.
  • MSNBC: Federal database spy site fading — Documents disappear from DOD site after controversy builds That includes the creepy logo for TIA, however the conspiracy nut folks (frankly, the conspiracists annoy me because they are hunting for secret conspiracies, when the things that the administration is doing in the open is objectionable enough. Instead of looking for the demons in the corner at the “Trilateral commission” or whoever else they are blaming for things, why don’t they look at Corporate America and the other big-money donors to the Republicrats? Instead of helping Americans to see the problems of big-money government, they are scaring reasonable thinking people from considering things since the conspiracy nuts are proposing such goofy theories on why things are happening) have saved the graphic and have posted it on this site:

    And yes, that is the real logo. I saw it on the DOD’s site earlier but as you can now see it is now gone from They are now using a “kinder, friendlier” logo for this insidious plot against our Constitutional rights.

    And while talking about potent graphical images, a friend sent me a link to this image. While I do not agree with much of what the host site for that image says (another conspiracist), I do think that image’s message is right on target. “Homeland Security” is all about undermining our Constitution and not about security.