Things have been rather hectic today so I’m late in giving the news about this weekend. A lot of good stuff happened . . .

  • First, we had our founding convention for the Green Party of Oklahoma in Norman. While it may look like a small thing, I believe it was a powerful moment in Oklahoma History. Hopefully someone will post the minutes or a more detailed accounting of what happened at the gathering but in the meantime you can read my brief summary of the day at OKGreens.org. For me, the highlights of the event were: first, just getting to meet so many cool people in a supportive environment (this was a night and day difference from my experience in the Republican and Libertarian parties where there is so meanness.) People genuinely were nice and kind and caring about each other and about their communities. I know Greens get a bad rap for being idealists… but heck, I rather be an idealist. I know this… the more angry I get about stuff the less happy I am, but the more I look to make positive little changes and hope for the best in a dark world, the more joyful I am.

    The second convention highlight was getting to hear our convention’s keynote speaker, Mary Jo Guthrie Edgmon (the sister of Woody Guthrie click here to see a picture of her). She is such a sweet and funny lady. She spoke about her brother’s life and also shared some of her folk art posters that she had made to depict Woody’s life. She also led us in a rousing round of “This Land is your land.”

    Finally, I am tickled pink because I got elected to the State Executive Committee for the party! I am so grateful that I got picked and I’m looking forward to getting involved more fully as time goes by.

  • After the convention was over (actually I had to leave a little bit early) I hightailed it up to OKC to see the Oklahoma State Capitol Dome Dedication Ceremony. I got there just in the nick of time, making just to the side of the main stage as they started the countdown for the fireworks… O – K – L – A – H 0- M – A!

    And bam!!! The next few minutes (actually probably 20 minutes or so) were taken over the most enrapturous fireworks display I have seen in my life. I have NEVER seen anything like it before. It was so absolutely breathtaking. (so many rockets were shot off that for much of the show, the dome itself was hidden from view by the smoke!)

    I’ve talked to a friend afterwards who was there who said he would never be the same after seeing that show, and that he was filled with so much pride for his state, and I have to say I feel the same way. It is hard to explain, but to me going to the convention that day and then seeing the dedication seemed to be such a fitting way to spend Statehood Day.

    Pictures of the new dome can be found at: http://www.oklahomadome.com/ (be sure and see the breathtaking view of the dome’s interior on this page) and at NewsOK.com gallery of dome-related photos.

    One other thing I should add. Those fireworks (which I imagine cost hundreds of thousands of dollars) were all donated for free by the Oklahoma-based Six Flags corporation. (sorry Texas, but they’re based out of Okieland) There is so much bad news these days about giant corporations. It nice to see one of them be so generous. I look forward to the next time I go to Frontier City or a Six Flags amusement park to support them.