Politics and Policy:

  • I’m listening to Jesse Jackson right now on C-span speaking at the peace rally in D.C. I am disappointed that they asked him to speak. This is an anti-war rally, yet he has said that he thought that war in many cases, including the US Civil War, World War II, and even the first Persian Gulf War were just.

    I know many folks out there (including most of my readers) are moral pragmatists. I respect y’all’s beliefs, but I think an anti-war protest should have true pacifists speak and not compromisers like Jackson. (and that’s not even speaking to his lack of credibilitity these days, given his betrayal of his spouse and his supporters) I can think of hundreds of better qualified speakers than him… Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness, Andrew Mandell of Ballydowse and member of a VITW team to Iraq, etc.

  • Jackson just got off the stage, and now former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark (served under Pres. Johnson) is speaking on the responsibilities we owe to the veterans of Vietnam to speak against the war in Iraq. He also spoke about how that over 150,000 Iraqis were killed while less than 150 Americans were killed, and what an attrocity another war of this level will be.

    Here’s a bit of what he said… “We’ve got to liberate this country from militarism. We’ve got to liberate our country from corporate oligarchism — we’ve got to liberate this nation, don’t you know!? . . . Let’s liberate the United State of America!”

    Wow!!! Now he’s leading the chants of “NO MORE WAR! NO MORE WAR!”

    Well it’s about 1p.m. so I’ll be heading out to the OKC protest. I hope some of y’all will be there to speak out for peace and for civil liberties.