How should we observe the 11th?

    I know that some that some of friends that I have spoken to say that we are all making too big of a deal out of the anniversary and that it is not as one commentor on TV said “the formative experience of this generation,” but rather some contrived by the corporate media

    At first I was somewhat sympathetic with those sentiments, but over the last few days of thought and time in the book of Lamentations I have second thoughts. Certainly I am weary of innane television coverage that obscures truth and oversensationalizes for monetary profit, but this doesn’t change the fact that this is an event that should be remembered appropriately.

    I think that we as a society need to truly mourn for those lost. I think that is right and appropriate and that we should not forget. The shedding of human blood is a fearful thing, and any time we forget how awful it is we have fallen from what the incredible place that God created us to be.

    I want to challenge my readers tomorrow to take a moment to remember. Here are a few ideas on how to do this:

    We should never become so cynical, so hardened, that we known longer hurt when injustice takes place and innocents are killed.

    As for myself, I will be at the services at OCU tomorrow at 8 a.m. I’m not going to wear any red, white & blue ribbon (I love my country but the symbols of patriotism have sadly become obscured by the messages of war. I hope the day comes when the flag can stand for a nation that is committed to “liberty and justice for all” once again.), but I’ll wear a white ribbon as a sign of peace, remembrance, and hope.