Law School Update:

    Classes went very well today. In Torts I got to recite which went well, especially since the professor gave me one of the more intersting cases to recite: Katko v. Briney, 183 N.W.2d 657

    In Katko, the owner (Briney) of an abandoned farmhouse, in frustration with prior break-ins, decided to rig a shotgun with a spring mechanism to fire at the legs of anyone who opened the door of the bedroom.

    At a later point in time, a burglar (Katko) and his accomplice entered the house looking for antique bottles to steal. When Katko opened the bedroom door of the house he got part of his leg blown off.

    Katko sued for damages and prevailed in trial court, and on appeal the decision was affirmed. In a nutshell, the court held that it is not reasonable to protect property alone with deadly force, and held Briney liable for the damages.

    I was very glad it was Torts and not contracts though. I feel rather lost in there. One upperclassman (or is it upperclasswoman since it was a woman?) told me that I should get the Murray’s treatise (Murray on contracts, written by the same guy who edited our casebook).