Day: August 26, 2002

Politics and Policies: Yahoo/AP: Corrections population hits 6.6M — I have a simple solution to our burgeouning prison population… increase […]

Food and Drink: Austin Chronicle: Central Heat, No A/c — The 12th Annual ‘Austin Chronicle’ Hot Sauce Festival Sunday, August […]

Law Blogs: Here are some blogs I found (thanks to Jurist authored by other 1L law students… written by […]

Law School Resources: Gtexts’ L-School advice, (written by a Harvard Law student) seems to be the best I’ve read thus […]

JMBzine 2002 Democratic Primary Endorsements: For many of the race, my “endorsement” is a qualified one, in that I am […]

Politics and Policies: If you’re an Okie, don’t forget to vote in tomorrow’s primary elections. For more information on the […]

Music: If you’re in Austin Guster is playing at the The Backyard tonight. More info at (512) 263-4240. Doors open […]